Spreading the word of alternative care systems for Unaccompanied Migrant Minors

This plan focuses on making messages clear, simple, and action-oriented. The style and content are tailored for each audience. Our message is based on what that audience wants to know, rather than on what you think it should hear.

We will use different resources for the proper implementation of our dissemination plan, such as:

– project educational portal, 

– Facebook profile of the project, 

– kick-off meeting at the beginning of the project, Final event and multiplier events, 

– PowerPoint presentations for networks, seminars, European partners, 

– meetings and visits to key stakeholders.

Creating a European project means also collaboratig within European dissemination platforms, therefore we will be actively using such tools as:

1) Creative Europe Dissemination platform

2) ERASMUS+ Dissemination Platform;

3) Dissemination of information through partners’ websites,

4) Dissemination of information through existing networks of project partners and multipliers events (EISS and WSO).

We are also engaging local and national stakeholders reaching out:

a) NGOs and Cultural Organizations / National, regional or local organizations (public and private). Unaccompanied migrant minors provisions/etc.,

b) Policy and decision makers, policymakers, local councils, local committees,

c) Youth and Adult educational centres; schools / educational centres,

…and many more!