Work package 2 | Creating an online training course

Main goal: To deliver an online training course about the Tuscany Model to 275 beneficiaries in 4 EU countries.

WP 2 – Leading organisation: AgeMob

Start month: 3

End month: 7*

*Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, all activity dates of Work package 2 are subject to change.

It has been proved to be a successful health and support model to be transferred to other EU countries. It is a clear example as regards alternative quality care system provided to UM. The training course will focus on 4 main topics: 1. how it is designed and standards of quality; 2. Types of assistance and supporting pathways; 3. Social and health needs of UM and 4. Social cohesion and collaborative projects among locals and UM.

It is a supporting model developed by the Tuscany Region and the proposal includes the partner (Azienda Ospedariero – Universitaria Anna Meyer) which created the model. Professionals attending the course will understand how the offered supporting services work and it is an opportunity to them to discuss and to analyze course results and impacts over them during the expected blended mobility in IT.

Indicators for measuring the progress of achievement will be the number of participants attending the on-line course, impact on the, the quality of the e-learning site, information included in the modules, etc.