Work package 5 | Dissemination of the outcomes

Main goal: To deliver complete dissemination plan during the lifetime of the project.

WP 5 – Leading organisation: Integra

Start month: 1

End month: 24

A Dissemination Handbook will be delivered to each partner to disseminate the activities and to engage local stakeholders and the general public. It will include key information on 1. Introduction: objectives and target group, 2. Where to promote En_Pathy project and the training courses, 3. How to promote it? Potential tools to be used, 4. Activities according to the project. What is already done?, 5. Meeting point for partners 6. Extra documents 

In order to be a successful project, the engagement with unaccompanied minors migrant children, policymakers, social services, VET centres, schools, migrant mentors, Diaspora communities, training centres / trainers, learners, youth workers, etc. is a feature that runs throughout the life of this project. They are engaged to make a contribution to the effectiveness of the project. All partners will disseminate the project activities within their organisations. This will include to Board members, staff, volunteers, individuals and receiving services. The co-ordination of dissemination will be jointly led by Asociación Cultural Integra with support from all partners who will be responsible for dissemination at their local and regional level.